About Tim Junck

I wrote this up as a post originally. Finished it off in the wee hours of the morning, and went and fell in bed. And realized that it needed to be my “About Me” page!

So here it is. And I’ll need to hack up my post, and basically point everyone over here to read the content.

Which means I made it a whole what? – 24 hours before finding I’d messed up on this blog.

And yet life will go on, and the sun will shine. Thanks for visiting….

What’s Special About Tim Junck?

Tim, Somewhere In Hong Kong

Tim, Somewhere In Hong Kong

First, I’m a guy from Wisconsin who was valedictorian back in High School, did well enough in college, and went on to do rather well as a programmer and UNIX system administrator. After living and working in 4 different countries, I more or less dropped out of the normal work world.

So you’ll find me on my blog here, and soon I’ll be doing better with Facebook and twitter and such. And you’ll also see that I will have a bit of a geeky, techie twist to my thinking. I do offer web hosting, and I can do your webmastering for you. Need a script installed? Have a resale rights site that needs to be installed, hooked up to your payment buttons and Aweber autoresponder list? I’m your guy!

But I really want to expand and provide more training. I’m moving into information marketing.

And I think I’m going to enjoy peeling back the covers and letting people observe as I go about setting this up. Between my email list and my blog right here, I plan to give people the real poop on what I’m doing, if it seems to be working, and my progress.

Please Do Get Involved

I’d love it if you actually got involved. Do you have a blog? Do you have questions about resale rights or PLR products you have? Well, comment on my blog somewhere. Ask a question. Gripe about your thumbnail images not working (I just had to fix that up for myself here, and it took a while to sort it out).

More interesting will be requests for help and training. I believe in studying and preparation, and in training. But I can tell you, my approach is changing. Previously, I was quite likely to get over-prepared. To think things into the ground.

But that doesn’t really get me any better results. In fact, it seems it is better to do half the preparation, and put some hours into sharing with others. Do some marketing and promotion. Ask some questions. Interact a bit. It will generate some traffic to your site, might get you a new friend or two – and some friends send traffic in ways that lead to sales. So you both literally profit from getting to know each other. Nice!

The One-And-Only Tim Junck

So let me give you a short list of things that do make me a bit different. I am me, after all, and I am unique.

  • I studied Spanish. Having a language degree, I get irked by bad grammar (in English and otherwise). But this also means I’m pretty handy at editing things, and I’m actually getting better at the writing itself as well. Plans are to write quite a bit, so hopefully this will continue to improve.
  • Working at a couple billion-dollar companies, I really enjoyed doing technical support. One client I supported, in the financial sector, had a great mix of people. And I loved the fact that Nancy wasn’t so very technical, but she was responsible for getting a really complex software package up and running.Helping her struggle with the issues was truly fulfilling for me. Helping her through the software functions, and working with our development team to get bugs sorted out was quite a bit of fun for me.I still really like simplifying things, boiling them down, and demonstrating / hand-holding / walking a person through things. Do watch for video training I’ll be creating soon.Any topics you’d like me to cover? My fish bowl is ready and waiting to collect your bits of note paper with training request scribbled on them. Feel free to add chocolate as well. I can definitely be bribed with chocolate and coffee.
  • Having lived in the US, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia has given me a different perspective on things. And my travels to another 15 or so countries have been really enjoyable!
  • I used to be in love with techie bits of software. I dove into membership management systems and things. Now, I’m more interested in getting something accomplished. Real people need help with things. If a membership site will fill the need – great. But often, a simple sequence of emails will accomplish the same thing and be much less complex. The fewer moving parts, the better in most cases.
  • While I know many people are looking for ways to back away from interacting with customers and to automate things, I find myself wanting to interact. Yes, I love having the sales things automated. A customer can watch a sales video, make a purchase, be given access to downloads and such automatically. Great!But then the interesting stuff starts, where the customer starts to interact with what they purchased.I want to hear how that is going. You will have various ways of getting ahold of me, of discussing marketing and techie things with me. Again, I hope you will participate.

So I hope that gets you started understanding the driving force behind this blog and website. Leave a comment, and you’ll likely get a personal response from me.