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Here is one of those things that is just so confounding frustratingly confusing – until you figure it out. Then it becomes terribly simple real fast.

Getting Your Image To Appear With Your Comments On Blogs

You know how you visit a blog and leave a comment – and other people have photos? Sometimes it happens on forums as well. There is no “upload image” function in the profile settings. Yet people do have photos. And you just end up with the generic Jane Doe or John Doe image.

Well, here is the secret. Many sites like this make use of images off a site called It’s a site that connects your email address(es) and your photo(s). Then when you put your email address into a comment form on a blog, the blog goes to and retrieves the photo that corresponds with the email you’ve entered. If there’s a hit on your email address, then your image gets displayed.

Registering With

So what you do is register at Gravatar stands for, “Globally Recognized Avatar”. And an avatar is a representation of sorts. In this case, it’s a system for associating your photos with your email addresses.

There are 3 things you set up at, more or less.

1. You – who you are. You set up your profile, enter your name. You choose a username. And you specify a main email address.

2. Your other email addresses. Maybe you have just 3 email addresses. Or maybe you have 20 email accounts (I do). You can enter all of them. Just be aware that a “verify email” type message is sent to each email account; you have to log into the mail account, open the mail message and click a link to verify that you own that email address.

3. Your image or images. Upload images. Again, you can use just one image, which is good for consistency. It can help people to get comfortable with you on the Internet. Or you might want to have a different image tied to every one of your email addresses. Regardless – you can upload the images you want to upload.

Link Images To Email Addresses

And then you make the magic happen. You select an address, and select an image to associate with it. And you continue doing this for each of your email addresses.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see that your image does show up next to your comments on blogs.

Try it out! Leave a comment here now!

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