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I am getting jazzed. Reinvigorated. Pumped up.

With around 5 years of “lurking” under my belt, one thing I have heard quite a bit about is traffic. To date, my activities to generate traffic have been miserable. Not that they didn’t work, per se. But more that I didn’t DO much anything. I did not “get in the game”, so-to-speak.

Daily Posts – Blogging For Traffic

Here’s one bit of lore I have heard over and over. Blogs can help pull in traffic.

Traffic in marketing is visitors. If you’ve got a shop, these people would stop in physically, or they might give you a call. If you’ve gotten a web presence going, you might get emails or order from your website. You can put a name and a face to every order because most likely each of those people have been in your shop.

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Driving Cars in a Traffic JamPhoto by

On a blog, it’s likely you will not meet your visitors in real life. But we will likely know the names and faces of our visitors anyway. And the reason is, blogs are social. When someone searches (in Google or Yahoo or YouTube) they find results and visit them. When your blog gets visited in this way, if you’re writing engaging content – you’ll get comments. Comments seem to breed comments! They are social proof. They add links. Links are good and interesting, and real humans like clicking on them.

And to gain the benefits of all this potential traffic, one requirement is to be writing. Content – written, audio or video – is interesting. Good content inspires people to share it. Really good content “goes viral”, meaning it gets spread around about as effectively as the flu bug spreads through a campus, corporation or a town. It spreads really well, jumping from human to human (via email, conversations, Facebook and Twitter comments).

Back At It – Goal Is Daily Blog Posting

So here I am, on my blog, reminding myself of what I intended to do months ago. On December 14th, I made a post where I planned to stick to a daily posting schedule for a 90-Day challenge. Seems I got about 3 posts done. Stuff happened. Life. Business. Confusion, lack of focus, spreading myself too thin.

Being a thinker, I wasn’t able to clearly think my way through the forest of tasks I had to my goal. Thinking can really get in the way of accomplishing things!

Action cures thinking when your path is generally in the right direction. I’m onto the action track now.

What do I expect to get as results? Well… Traffic! Visitors. People to interact with. People who will read, comment, throw me some curve balls. ¬†Interact. Link to me. Tell me they love my stuff and my Kitty. Tell me I’m wrong. Ask if I’ll show them how I got some things done.

And I expect that in that mess of interaction, once I get it going, I’ll get people to opt into my email series. I don’t even have my squeeze form going on my blog yet. Doh! But that’s ok. I’ll get that sorted out in the next couple days. What I am NOT going to do is to let that stop me from posting this blog post. It’s my first daily post of what should be a long STRING of daily posts stretching into the future.

Join Me – Get Wondrous Results

So please do get involved. Comment. Doubt me. Support me. Link to me. Suggest a good video. Ask advice. Talk about coffee and travel and languages.

And if you’re interested, I’d like to help get you on the path to profiting from doing some simple blogging. The starting point is simple. Take the first few steps. Increase your awareness. Then contact me and we can discuss how this would work for you.

Get On My List:

Blogging For Traffic

Have you already experienced this? Have you blogged and gotten traffic? Please let me know! Please link to me via a trackback, or using the comment form below. Let’s get acquainted.

If you are new to the idea of blogging for traffic, I encourage you to get on my list. I’ll keep you updated on my progress, the good and the bad and ugly as well. But believe me, I’m moving in a positive forward motion. The story will trend upwards – you’ll see!

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  1. Clive Merrick
    9 years ago

    Hi Tim, the blog looks great. Traffic! the life blood of the internet, we don’t amount to much without it. Welcome to the PTS family it’s a great little community.

    Best Wishes


  2. junckster
    9 years ago

    Well shucks, Clive! Thanks for the visit and your comment.

    I need to be more on top of this stuff for sure! Let’s see what I can get going by paying attention to those that visit.

    I’m going to need to go visit your blog now! What are you up to now?


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