You Get Optimize Press (from my link)
I GRANT You Bonuses (as follows)

Congratulations! You qualify for my Optimize Press customer bonuses!

Bonuses Are As Follows:

  1. I will install your theme for you. (I’m being generous; I’ll even install WordPress FIRST, then install your theme for you.)
  2. I will set up a Squeeze Page for you.If you want help doing a video squeeze page, let me know. I have to charge extra for that.
  3. I will set up your “blog posts” page for you. (It truly is a pain in the a$$ with this theme…)

Now, that is short-and-sweet, but believe me – it takes some expertise to do those things in less than a couple days (or hours).

Now, do 2 things:

  1. Come find me on Facebook at
  2. Please post ‘I just bought Optimize Press from your link, Tim.  I Want my Bonuses!’
  3. Get me on chat and discuss scheduling. (Beware – you may need some upgrades.  🙂