Getting Recommitted and Getting Clarity

What an experience that webinar session was, a little over 12 hours ago.

I’ve been getting more and more convinced that simple is the way to go for my business. And it is also becoming clear that I need to continue to recommit to my goals, my activity goals and my business in general.

Do you know what I mean?

There are lots of distractions. There are many people trying to convince us that they have a better way; a new topic that we just *have* to study and practice and get good at. Our blogs get hacked, and our emails get ignored.

Makes me think of that song, “Welcome To The Jungle”. (We got fun and games!)

So What Are You Working On?

So let me ask… What is it that you are working on? Are you focused and working effectively?

Or are you struggling a bit to get there? I think this is quite common. There is a lot of talk of people getting amazing results, quitting their jobs, getting ahead. But it only takes a small percentage of successes for there to be PLENTY of talk about those successes. The flames get fanned, and our blood starts to get hot.

We want THAT result for ourselves. Right?

We Don’t Need Perfection, We Need Progress

I recall a lesson from somewhere else that went like this. The ugly, not-so-wonderful posts that we might make when we are green – or we have not truly practiced flexing our quality content muscles – those are GOLDEN posts. At some point, someone will visit your blog. They’ll see you as superman and a rock star. They’ll see you as DIFFERENT (from them).

They won’t be able to believe that they can do what you have done… you’re a ROCKSTAR!

And then they’ll peek at your blog, and if they go WAY back in the archives, maybe 6 months or 3 years, they’ll find these first posts. The ugly ones. The ones that did (almost ?) embarrass you to put up on the Internet, and leave them there.

And that is good. This person, thinking you are superman or superwoman, will realize that you started “normal” and you grew and got better. They’ll see the process, and they may even be inspired and helped by seeing your early early work.

And the fact that you improved, and made progress. You got better. And that took time.

Leads, Build a List, Share Some Content

But now, back to producing some content and results, it is time to get my list going. My list. In an improved way, with more focus.

And a key thing I can now be more confident of is… having value to share with people that come bump into me, opt in and start to peek at me and what I do. And that confidence comes from having a sensical set of programs that complement each other, and provide the building blocks for list growth and profits.

Some good measure of that sensical-ness has come from choosing a mentor to follow. Qualifying for some of their time on a regular basis. And knuckling down, digging in.

And avoiding the distractions, the new programs, the endless opportunity to run off in a new direction and just leave the current book laying open on the desk, a chapter or two consumed… and the rest of the book entirely neglected. Forgotten. Or perhaps avoided, in some cases.

You get my point, right?

Much of the work can be boiled down to choosing what you will work on – and that implies there are things you will not work on.

Comments, Alternate Ideas – Video Responses : All Are Welcome

So how are you doing? Have you gotten past some of these issues? Or are you inflicting these issues on yourself over and over so far?

Hey, come say hi on Facebook, and send me a friend request while you are there.

And how about you? Are you prepared to truly work on your list now? (Ready or not, you can simply decide. Then you can dive into this excitement with me.)

I have a suggestion. I suggest that you dedicate yourself to building your list as well. I’ll have more to say about that soon, I am sure.

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