Getting Started Online – What Do You Do?

Getting Started Online

Getting Started Online – What Do You Do?

What do you do to get started online? It’s not a simple question.

Let me begin by describing the results of doing the normal stuff – the “expected” results of a year or two or three of effort. And I mean people sincerely trying to get things going, following the training being sold to all of us and dedicating 10 or 20 hours a week to online marketing in one form or another.

In my opinion and from what I hear, normal results are quite dismal. People quite often spend more money than they make. They buy a lot of training packages. And they accumulate quite a number of PLR or Resale Rights things, all with the thought and hope of selling those packages to people with less experience.

Where are you at? How long have you been working on this Internet Marketing game?

Curing “Normal” Results – Making It Online

So how do you do better than the norm? Well, I think the answer is simple. You need to build up assets, and you need to develop the skills and habits that can generate revenues from those assets.

Like Robert Kiyosaki said, an asset is something you have or control that “spits off” cash. Apparently franchise restaurants aren’t the heaven-sent easy road to riches, but each one should produce a profit each month. If you can put up enough up-front investment to have 100 Subway and Quiznos restaurants, you should have a nice thing going.

So what is an asset in this online marketing arena?

Well, this can be a bit debatable. I have had double opt-in lists that did not make me the “One dollar monthly for every person on your list, give-or-take.” Why didn’t I make that kind of money? Well, simply put – I didn’t know how to use that asset (my email lists). Misuse, abuse or neglect an email list for a month to 6 months, and its value declines to very near zero.

You need to keep in touch with people on a list, do some relationship building and keep your name fresh in the minds of people. Fail that, and your importance to them fades. When email from you appears in their mailbox, they don’t know why they should open it. And then it takes a REALLY killer email subject to overcome the lack of positive name recognition. It becomes a seriously uphill battle at that point to salvage even a few members of a stale list.

But it is true, used “properly” an email list is one of the basic, recognized assets in Internet Marketing. Here are some assets you might develop:

  • A prospect list. People who have opted in for a freebie offer;
  • A customer list. People who have spent money with you – even if that was only $1. There is a HUGE difference between the person who has not spent any money and the person that HAS given you money, even just 1 measly dollar.
  • A partner list. People you have worked with who you can hook up with again to “make stuff happen”. If you’ve got 3 or 4 productive partners, you can really rock-n-roll at times.
  • A list of affiliates. If you have an account at PayDotCom, ClickBank, PaySpree, JVZoo, in RAPBank or in any of probably hundreds of similar systems, you may really have something! Come up with a new product or service that complements something that has already sold well, and a lively tuned-in group of affiliates can really make a killing on your behalf.
  • A sales page. Just having a page set up, with a decent offer and a Buy Now button can be a huge asset. It is possible to make good money selling Aweber autoresponder accounts or Hosting Accounts.


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