Thanks for requesting these materials on establishing a successful online business. Here are both the PDF and the video from John Thornhill to help you understand the process of getting started actually making money online. The List Building videos are below here as well.

There have to be 50,000 people telling you how to do this stuff. As usual, 10% of those people have truly quality info for you - sort of the 80-20 rule adjusted for reality. (It's a 90% / 10% thing in my opinion.) John's in that short list. He's done this stuff, and he has TRAINED other people to do this stuff, too. Many times over.

Your Downloads

Download #1 : Getting Started Online PDF

The PDF Guide - John asks you you do take 15 minutes to read this first, before viewing the video (below). You will get a LOT more out of his video training that way. (Right Click - Save As)

John Thornhill's Marketing Advantage report
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Downloads #2 - #5 : List Building Videos

Regardless what business model you take up - unless it is driven entirely by word-of-mouth or some social sharing method, you need traffic to visit your website. List Building gives you "Traffic On Demand" - send an email, and have those people on your list take an action you want them to take. What do you do as you drive traffic? Well, gee! You build a list of course!

Here are 4 videos detailing CURRENT traffic methods that work well when building lists. And these ain't simply good research and theory. These videos are fresh, and are reporting traffic methods working for a rather bigger marketer NOW. This guy has been a heavyweight list builder to at least 4 years now.

List Building Videos - "Right Click", "Save As"

A viewer like "VLC Media Player" should be used to view these videos.

BONUS: John's IMA video: HOW to succeed at marketing online:

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