Your Own Hosted WordPress Blog And Good Theme

Do you have your own domain and website? Do you have a blog on your website?

Why You Should Have A WordPress Blog

Whether you answered yes or no just now, I encourage everyone to have a blog. When you do have content to put “on the Internet”, doing that on a blog is a pretty easy way to get it done. So what that means for most people is that they can publish their content themselves.

They don’t need to finish up a post or shoot a video – and then put in a request to have someone “put it up” on their website. Instead, they click a few buttons and take care of publishing the new content to their website (the blog portion of their website). And it is easy.

At least, if you get your blog set up decently and have the tools you need at your fingertips, your publishing tasks should be easy

WordPress Is Free; Many Awesome Themes Are Free

WordPress is one very popular blogging platform. It’s a “framework” that many, many developers contribute to. It supports themes, which basically control the overall layout features, color scheme and “style” of blog you will have. For example, magazine-style themes have become popular in the last few years. I use a theme that is actually chock full of more features than most, and it does a wonderful job turning out Good Looking pages, even for a guy like me that just ain’t that artistic – or even worried about that stuff.

My Favorite Theme Is Not Free

So though there are an overwhelming number of free themes out there, I’m done wasting my time continually evaluating themes and going through the learning pains when trying out a new theme. I’m just done with wasting time like that. When I make a squeeze page myself (from a template, or by hand crafting it) my squeeze page turns out rather plain, and not in such a good way. (Simple and plain *can* be good.)

When I create a squeeze page using my Optimize Press theme, which is a paid theme, the results are just amazing spectacularly better. Check that link just above here – I offer a number of bonuses when you get this theme using my link.

Post Stuff – Then Distribute The Link and Promote Your Content

And here’s another thing that people don’t always get right. I’m still working on actually following this simple formula – finally.

You create some content. It can be a video. It can be notes from training your are going through. It can be a report on an event you attended, or trip highlights from skiing or a Caribbean trip. It could be a business plan, an announcement for a club or organization. You know – just about whatever you can put together in electronic, digital, video or photo image form.

And then you want to do something to let people know that it exists! There are ways to set up some automatic notifications, and some automatic distribution. There are also things like Digg, Facebook, twitter, and your existing email contacts (especially ones that have “opted in” to get updates from you).

Or Skip The Setup Altogether

As an alternative to setting up WordPress, choosing a theme and getting that set up and then configured and tweaked and…1000 other things that you might get bogged down with….

Or in addition to doing that…

There’s a blog platform I’ve been using. It’s a “join now, blog one minute from now” type situation. It’s a site with a really high traffic rank – and that helps to get content to appear in Google searches easier than on our individual domains. And it’s not much more expensive than normal web hosting. As a blog publishing platform, it’s got a LOT of benefits.

To check that out, join up here for a month. Make sure to contact me – my email and phone number are in the dashboard area when you log in. You’ll love how easy it is to get started, and to get your content “out there” on the Web so the whole world can see it. So I’m confident you won’t drop it after a month. You’ll get results with this platform, and you’ll probably even be telling your friends about your cool new find.

Tim Junck


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