How To Replace Your Job Income (fast)

How Can You Replace Your Income (fast)?

This is a topic that seems to come up a lot in the current world economy. How can a person replace what they are doing (working a day job, or 2 or 3 jobs) with something different? Maybe even something that provides more than just income. Maybe it provides MORE time with family, or gets a spouse out of a job, or gets both you AND your spouse out of jobs.

Have you dreamed of this and wondered how to begin? Have you been trying this and haven’t hit on the magic formula for your family (yet)?

Only Some People Get Results ‘As Advertised’

It’s a fact that results vary widely. Whether it’s dieting, dating, interviewing, playing golf or building a business, results vary like crazy. Building a business online is no different. And for a few reasons, I believe it might be less predictable than other things in life.

Now, one lesson I did learn “loud and clear” from my time with The Empower Network is this… Make 2 sales a day with most any program out there and you will make good money.


Tim Says, “Here’s a way to get to 5 Figures (a month)”

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Do This One Thing For Monthly $10k Income

First, no guarantees! Any program you look at will have an income disclosure statement. In general, not so very many people make good money. Mostly, people make NO money – so combined with the fact that they pay to participate, this means that the majority of people LOSE money on money-making programs. No laughing matter – but not a show-stopper, either.

Let me explain!

Simplify Things To Profit Online

Based on personal experience, lots of conversations with others, and on the type of things that coaches and trainers tend to say on calls and in videos, people complicate things! Many of those seemingly well-meaning coaches complicate things. Often it’s not really their fault – it’s just that Coach A, Coach B, Coach C and Trainers W, X, Y and Z all have a different idea what YOU Should Do to succeed. If you are listening to those 7 people, you will be confused by contradictory info.

Listen to ANY 7 different people, and the same will happen. Part of your job is to integrate different points of view.

Then again, if you did just find one simple formula and you followed it and it worked for you, then you would not need to (even be tempted to) listen to and integrate the training and advice of 7 qualified Internet money-makers. NOTE: Only a portion of people profiting at ANYTHING have any business teaching or coaching others on that topic. Some people just don’t do well at coaching and training.

Something We All Need

Now, you have probably heard the same thing I have heard. If you try to target everyone, you will lose. The reason is that you are not targeting ANYONE – and locking onto a target market and solving a problem for a well-defined small portion of earthlings is the way to go.

So here goes – maybe not EVERYONE needs more leads. I know that not everyone wants an email list full of leads. Some people don’t want to touch a telephone, or send out email… some only work on Facebook or only get leads from video. And that’s GREAT because we’d be bored if we all wanted to approach life in the same way. Right?

But let’s say you’re a person that can benefit from having more good, targeted leads in your email autoresponder. Maybe you have purchased leads of one type or another in the past, and you have dabbled in bulk emailing or in calling prospects. Maybe you’d love to get more of those type of leads, cheaper than you ever imagined, and make some commissions if you interest other people in these better-and-cheaper paid leads.

Maybe that is you…!

Get my info on Brand New lead flow options and perhaps get Your lead flow energized in this new manner.

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