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Tim Junck

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog. It’s not my first blog, but it’s probably the first one of mine that you will see. I’ve basically kept my other writing hidden from view until now. And I’ve been working and playing at Internet Marketing since March or April of 2008. So I’ve been able to avoid this simple business tool for almost 4 years.


Why would I do that? Well, because I didn’t understand the basics of list building, how to use a list once I had created it, and the simple mechanics of providing value to the world. Whenever things got a bit rough, this geeky guy retreated to doing paid work for others, in one form or another.

But that’s going to be different now. I want to finally make good on my potential, and I know I have the potential to help quite a number of people. But I cannot do that working one-on-one – I just won’t get very much done that way.

Some Of My Goodies – On Display

Hence, this blog. By putting some of my goodies up on my blog, many many people can come along and benefit from them. Since I’m not 100% charitable, I will put a price tag on some of my materials. And I’ll always want to make sure that what I charge is smaller in dollars than the value any of my customers receive. That’s just good business, if you want to build something long-term. Right?

Bella - a 'tortie-shell' Persian Himalayan

My Bella Kitty says..."Pay attention to ME!"

And I want to make sure that, on average, my customers have more fun doing business with me than with others. They’ll get a bit more value, laugh a bit more, and spend a bit more time talking about their pets and family than they do with other companies and individuals they interact with and do business with. I also believe in the value of coffee and chocolate, travel and sleep.

So here are some of the things I will focus on now. I’ll need to boil this list down a bit as I go. I know that lack of focus, and having two or more “focuses” even when I thought I only had one, has limited my success so far. By NOT doing a lot of things, I will be able to do ONE thing really well. And by doing that, my customers will benefit far more than if I keep trying to do 10 things on a daily and monthly basis.

So what am I about now? What is the basis for this blog and the business behind it? I will be working on the following:

  • List Building, both lists of information seekers – people in need of free help – and customers;
  • Blogging regularly, “putting myself out there” so-to-speak, and producing “content” regularly;
  • Creating training, whether it’s a single post all in words, or a sequence of videos with PDF guides gluing it all together. I can produce training, and real individuals (maybe VERY much like yourself) will be able to benefit. It’s time to help more than just one person at a time!
  • Having fun. If the stuff I do isn’t fun for me and my audience, how long will I survive at it? (Define survival before you answer that…!)

Turning Your Problem Into a Mutual Win-Win

Now, can you do me a favor? If you’ve got a question, or a really important issue, can you let me know? If I can help YOU with a REAL issue, I expect we have a good chance of doing some business.

And when you get more than you expect from a financial transaction, we will both win. You do want to be a winner, yeah? I do TOO! And nothing says either of us has to lose. We can both win, and I mean to have a much larger list of WIN-WIN business interactions than anything else. And thems not just empty words!

While I could keep just doing techie work, and stay busy with it – work that fits into the category of “webmaster” type work – I want to develop more in the direction of an Information Marketing business. I’ve studied plenty, and can help other people in a lot of different ways.

And that’s my goal now. To actually package up some of what I know, offer it up to the world, and to succeed at helping others with some of my knowledge – and to profit in the process of doing those things. I want to start making $100 a month from information marketing, and then $3000 a month – and to blow those figures out of the water as time goes by. But that all starts by helping a few real people with their particular and very personal real problems.

What Do You Think?

So what do you think? Have anything that I might be able to help with? Comments and feedback, positive or “challenging” – will ALWAYS be welcome here. I’ve come a long way in my self-development, and I’ve still got a long ways to go. And I have been looking at and studying this Internet Marketing stuff for a good while now. If you need help choosing hosting, getting an autoresponder going, or working out HOW and WHY to build a list – much like me over the past years – why not let me help you? If you get past the beginnings and get into some profit a few months faster, I’m sure you’ll not begrudge me or any teacher a few dollars in the process.

Since I plan to make it to 100 years old, like my grandmother, I’ve still got 56 years of learning ahead of me. So please share a bit of your story with me. Bring me some of your frustrations, and let’s see if I can’t smooth out some of the rough spots for you. And if you haven’t done it yet, opt in to receive my email. You should see a form on the top right sidebar of my blog over at http://TimJunck.com.

If you do opt out at some point, please leave a comment to let me know why. Or call me on Skype to discuss it. And that’s not an idle offer. If I seem to be falling short of expectations, why not give me a shout and see if you might get a pleasant surprise from my response? It could be a WIN-WIN conversation that just sneaks up on you. And you know – unexpected¬†WIN-WIN situations are the most fun of all!

Tim “junckster” Junck

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