I have a sequence of 4 videos so far on the topic of ARV, withdrawals and the numbers and rules involved.

Four Videos on Withdrawing From vLeaf

The four videos cover these topics:

  1. Withdrawing from your Ad Rebates, and still having your ARV increase;
  2. Letting your ARV balance grow;
  3. Withdrawing $1000 a month, and;
  4. Requirements to be able to withdraw.

Disclaimers. Disclaimers!

First off, do have a look at and digest the information presented by Leaf International in their IDS, or Income Disclosure Statement. To paraphrase a bit of that document, Leaf cannot guarantee that you’ll make any level of income. In fact, most people trying to run businesses of this type end up spending more money than they make. It’s just a by-product of how humans tend to operate and live their lives.

Leaf IDS or Income Disclosure Statement

Now, please understand that I created these videos based on my own understanding of the rules and how things work. I may not have all the facts correct here, so I ask that you treat these videos as informational on, and for your benefit. However, if you seem to have any issues, you are best off contacting vLeaf support for clarification of your specific situation rather than trying to get advice from me.

I have created these videos with the hope and intention to help you understand this program, in general, and so that you can communicate with Leaf in an informed manner.

Video 1 of 4 : What can I withdraw and still have my ARV increase?

For our first topic, let’s start with something everyone wants to know. If you start with a $1000 purchase of advertising, and you then get a bonus ARV value of $1000 – how does that look when you want to withdraw?

I think I dealt with that question pretty well here. As a suggestion, if you have doubts and questions after watching this first video, you may want to watch one or more of the remaining 3 videos before firing off any support tickets or making noise in the FB group. You may likely absorb a better overall understanding of the way things seem to be, and how you can position yourself for the withdrawal values you desire.


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