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List-Building Why-To & How-To

Why List Build?

Hey, Hey!

Welcome back.

I have a couple simple questions to address today. Those questions are:

  • Why should you build a list?
  • How DO you build a list?
  • And most importantly – How do you profit while building your list?

Some of what I’ll be providing in this 13-video sequence:

    • Why should you build a list? What does an email marketing list do for you? How is it beneficial?
    • What tools do I use? What have I found recently, and why do I figure these tools are better and more powerful than all those other thousands of tools and options out there. (Just google “list building” if you’d like to get overwhelmed and STUCK in “paralysis of analysis”. If you’d prefer to test me out, follow ONE plan – and the same silly simple plan that *I* am following – then stick around, and pay attention.)
    • What can be accomplished this year with this simple list profits plan?
    • How do you get REALLY involved, and into my blog commenting syndicate?
    • If this sounds really good, how do you get to work with me directly and not just via video and webinar replays?