New Hosting Part 1 – Hosting Problems

New Hosting Part 1 – Hosting Problems

I’ve had my share of headaches with web hosting over the last 5 years. In fact, I thought I had gotten smart enough that I would avoid problems and only choose good places to host my websites.

Foolish me!

I’ve lost many hours in the last couple weeks because, once again, I put some of my domains on cheap web site hosting and it turned out to be less-than-great. In fact, that host kinda sucked.

Now, I’m not going to name that host. They did explain that they were using another service provider, and they were dropping that provider and taking up a new provider. Great. I had had enough pain, after having my websites down two weekends in a row, that I moved everything this past Saturday and Sunday.

Hosting Problems: Hosting Outages

One of the most frustrating problems you can have with hosting is that it can just be down. You try to access your website, your CPanel, your FTP – and finally the helpdesk for your web hosting company and their customer “back office” system. Now, with my latest round of bad hosting, at least the Help Desk and Client Back Office were still available. Cool.

But when I wanted to move my last website over, Poof!  Oh, @#(& – they are down AGAIN. 2 weekends in a row. And that’s not cool.

Which leads into the second major problem I had with this recent web hosting company.

Hosting Problems: Bad Support

I know that some people will not go with a web hosting company that doesn’t provide phone support. But I have found that I’m savvy enough that I don’t need phone support any longer. If you feel you do need phone support, my suggestion is to simply go with one of two places: Hostgator or Site5.

Now, to my problems over the last 2 weekends. This last time, when I noticed my host was down and I could not work on my new blog at, I was grateful that their client “dashboard”, ticket system and support chat were all working. But what I discovered quickly was that the chat support guy, who was quite good but not a native English speaker, did not have any real information from the actual server admin team. They hadn’t updated him.

I also noticed the previous weekend that a “network status” section of their client dashboard never did get updated. That said, “All is good!” They did have the problem written up, but it was in a different area for announcements, and I never did find a link to that from my client login are the support areas. I learned about the announcement of that outage as a response to a support ticket.

All-in-all, I’m not willing to suffer that type of lack of information any longer. I am hoping I save a few souls from ever having these issues. Good, solid hosting does cost $7 or $9 a month and you generally prepay a year to get it. Site5 is a happy exception to that, as they do have monthly plans – and even a free month trial to get you started.

A Ticket System Is Enough, When Responses Are Timely And Good

One last observation on this topic for now. I’m quite happy in most cases having a ticketing system, especially when tickets are answered in 10 minutes in most cases. I’m happily surprised each time that happens, and it’s a normal thing with Site5 from what I have seen. They also have chat and phone support. As a cheaper option, Byet only has their ticket system but they do respond quickly, though not quite as crisply and not with quite the quality of English I’ve seen with Site5.

That’s It For Today’s Hosting Problems Topic

I hope you’ve found this helpful. Please comment, like this post and share it with your friends on Facebook and such. If you have questions for me, please type them into the comments. I’ll do my best to be of assistance. What hosting problems have you experienced?

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  1. Paul Onwueme
    9 years ago

    Well Tim, one of the reasons I use google’s free blogging service are the hosting problems you talk about. I don’t ever have to worry about any of those heart aching problems because the weight of cost isn’t borne by me and so whatever disappointment may come I’m Okay with it. But people won’t take me seriously because I use a free blogging service it might seem unprofessional. But overall I think you problems are avoidable in a way if you tow the same line with me.

    *Just my humble opinion.*

  2. Nikki Jones
    9 years ago

    Hi Tim

    Oh wat a nightmare, its so frustrating when stuff out of your control happens and you can’t work on your sites.

    I use hostgator, I have a reseller account which I just use for my own stuff I did used to host clients sites but it got too messy and I stopped offering that service.

    I have never had any problems with Hostgator (touch wood) I’ve used their ticket system and found them to give good support when I’ve had questions. Oh I also used their live chat who were very helpful too.

    But I do unstand your frustration, not long ago I had problems with my actual internet service provider. Right when I had deadlines to meet for clients the internet went down, after a couple of hours of switching everything off and rebooting and checking cables I phoned the internet service provider only to get an answer machine message stating that they were having problems that they were trying to fix. I didn’t have internet access for about 3 days, when I finally did get back online I had several very annoyed clients and loads of work to catch up on. Don’t these guys realise that people are depending on their services to earn a living?

    I hope you get it sorted and don’t have any more problems 🙂

    p.s. nice blog I’m going to read some more

    • junckster
      9 years ago

      Hey Nikki,

      Hostgator was dependable, though I did have an issue that went unresolved – mainly because I didn’t follow up enough.

      Site5 has been wonderful so far. Really liking them, and I can have multiple CPanels without the expense of a reseller account. THAT is wonderful.

      The guys that gave me trouble did post a few days later that the server farm they were with wasn’t up-to-snuff, and they moved their entire operation to a different data center. But they did seem quite slow to get those comments out.

      And my other, less expensive add-on hosting place has recently been attacked quite a bit so my hosting IPs are changing. But I still like them – ByetHost.

      I have to agree with you, for dependable hosting, Hostgator was fine. And I probably should have just stuck with them and not sunk my time into the gyrations of the last 2 months.


  3. James Hughes
    9 years ago

    Hi Tim

    Hosting can very frustrating. I’m just starting to get the hang of it now!

    But before I used to pull my hair out…

    Creating and hosting new products has given me plenty of practice on this sometimes painful task.
    It has become almost second nature now though.


    • junckster
      9 years ago

      Hey Hey!

      Good for you, James! If you can bite of a small enough number
      of tasks and learn them, it’s not so bad. But hosting is one
      topic that can just INSIST on being confusing.

      I am here for those folks that just don’t want to hassle with
      it. But I’m also here for anyone that wants to learn, and
      wants interactive help WHILE they learn…

      So if you find yourself attacking a new project, you might
      think about engaging me to shorten your learning curve –
      and add some light-hearted BANTER to the process!


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