Hey John,

Set Up a Squeeze Page in Facebook (like 7Star Lifestyle) – Market videos and both pages

This is what we’ve been talking about since at least Saturday, 10 days ago.


When people first hit that page (on Facebook), it will check if the person has “liked” your page. If they have not liked your page, then they see your “like gate” first. And that can have a very short video on it. It explains that you want them to see updates as you post new videos, jokes, and business advice.

Once they like your page, then they see the “squeeze” page that is “behind” the like gate they saw first. On that page, we again have a short video – but this one says,

Great, thank you for liking this page. Now, I want to offer you some secrets about doing business on the Internet, and give you access to the resources my team and I use now.

All I need you to do is to click the button below that says, ‘Hook Me Up, John!’. If you do have questions, feel free to use the ‘Contact Us’ button, leave us your phone number, and your question.

This also includes hooking up the squeeze page to Pure Leverage, and working up 3 or 4 follow-up emails for it.

FB Page, Squeeze, Autoresponder – 400.00

Added due to discussion on Sept 03, Tuesday: Marketing for the videos and the squeeze pages.

* Add tags and descriptions to the videos on YouTube
* Post on your pages, and your Profile about the squeeze pages.
* Configure Post Planner, and re-post on a schedule
* Configure Post Planner to post into up to 20 Facebook groups.


Option 2 – 1 Month Consulting (Option 1, then we continue)

This option is basically starting with Option 1 above. Then we just continuing to work on marketing processes, upgrading your skills and keeping my attention on your projects.

We will keep on in a time-intensive manner.

  • Teaching topics – Video skills and how-to, FB Page and FB Group topics.
  • Production – videos, video and audio editing, edits to existing pages (to connect Pure Leverage, for example).
  • Clean-Up and “inventory” of your hosting account.

20 hours a week, 1 Month – 1400.00

40 hours a week, 1 Month – 2500.00