You Win! I Coach & Tutor & Hand Hold As Needed

Ok, here goes. I’m a techie geeky sort. I’ve been playing with computers since I got a Commodore Vic20 when I was 10 or 12. That was over 30 years ago… I’ve worked for IBM, BMC Software, Household Finance and a couple large consulting firms. The Board of Trade in Chicago – Awesome place. Did you know that even 15 years ago, there were 3 Starbucks locations within 4 blocks of the Board of Trade?

So who are you? Well, you’re probably middle age or beyond. You can deal with people, and you love your grandkids. You’re working towards success at some network marketing or Internet marketing deal. And you realize that you need some HELP.

Your SKILLS need an upgrade. And most community college programs don’t teach Facebook, iPhone, blogging and video marketing.

Do you own a “smart phone” ? Hey… I’ll show you how to hook that into your home router via WiFi, fire up Facebook – and be marketing with the best of the best doing video and visual posts NOW. It’s really about your story, and how what you have accomplished relates to your new prospect.

Show them that that is true in a stinkin’ video, yeah?

Hell Yeah!!

Ok, so I’m not 100% clean cut. I’m a high school valedictorian, and I’m good at studies and techie things. But I’m not in love with being politically correct.

What that means for you is that I’m not some boring guy with techie skills. I’ve got a bit of personality!

And I can deal with English, Spanish and Portanhol just fine. I can help!

Get My Time – Tech Time Tim Consulting

So you figure you’ve got obstacles and roadblocks holding you back. If only you could solve the issue with…. <xyz>.

I am Your GUY! I may never have suffered your problem. But it is HIGHLY likely that I can solve your problem.

I rose from a Top 1% in my class income of over $30,000 to almost $100,000 in a couple years. Why? Because I was able to see how the systems worked, and I could sense when they were broken and non-functional. Are y9u working a system that works? Or do you need a bit of debug, coaching, skills improvement and viral social success? !!!

Here is what I propose. Get me on a retainer. Contract me for 1 hour, or 2 hours a week. Heck – get me for  5 hours a week – whether that is two sessions or 5 sessions. You NEED to improve your skills. I can walk you through that process, and get you there in a FRACTION of the time. No shit – it’s simple fact.

The only real question is – Do we do this FAST and intensive, or SLOW and methodical?

Option 1 – 3 Months

One-Pay $500

Option 2 – 3 Months, 2 payments

Two-Pay $300

Option 3 – 3 Months, 3 payments

Three-Pay $225


With Your Enthusiasm, And My Tutelage – You’ll Move Mountains


1 month, 3 meetings a week  $250


2 months, 2 meetings a week $350