Time To “Meet My Neighbors” And Get Social

Time really does fly. It’s scary, to be honest. This year is going to disappear in no time flat.

So without letting too much more of the year slide by while I’m stuck doing “stuff”, I resolve now to get more social. I need to be interacting with other blog owners. There’s a community out there somewhere, and I am going to discover it.

Actually, there are zillions of communities. I’m sure you are part of at least one of them.

I want to come visit. Let me know what blogging groups you belong to. How did you run into and hook up with the people you trade blog comments with?

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Social Blogging – Me, Too!

So the idea is that blogs are often connected. And they let their humans jump and skip around the Internet on the links between blogs in wondrous ways. If you check on the comments on a blog, there’s a wealth of links and connections to other nooks and crannies of this digital world.

And I aim to get my blogs connected! They are rather like pretty billboards in the middle of a desert right now. They need to become much more connected, more visible, and in turn – more VISITED.

Because that is a rather natural consequence of humans seeing links, especially when they like the tone and the flavor of the words and images and videos around a link. Humans click on things. They do want to know what’s on the other side of a link.

Social Trust – How Many People Commented, Liked, Shared

And then we arrive at something really important. You may not realize these things. But most people naturally do some “checking out” of the emails they receive, and the web pages they visit. If a web page happens to have 56 comments on it, that’s a healthy amount of social interaction.

As long as the comments are not ALL shiny and brilliantly positive, there is a good chance you’ll trust in what the comments say. Of course, if all the comments are neutral or bad, including some HORRIBLE things, you’ll trust that as well and feel the page is not “good value”.

But one thing is for sure – our web pages will do MUCH better in today’s world when they have some social indicators. Some likes, some comments.

Comments And Shares Are Wonderful – They Bring More Visitors

And I see that I need to get out and socialize more! I’m lacking comments on my posts, and that means I am missing out on a bunch of great traffic and new visitors. Why do I say that? Well, consider this next truth about how humans work. When they find something that tickles their fancy, they tell others, don’t they? Now, I am betting on my writing being interesting enough that some people WILL want to share my posts with others.

Do you agree? Do you think I’m writing in an interesting way? Do you think that some people will want to drag their friends over to see what I have got to say? If so, click LIKE on this post. Share it with someone. Help me make some noise about the posts on my blog. I’ll come visit your blog, check you out, and help you do the same. That’s an important part of blogging – getting our content promoted and propagated and shared and commented on.

Connect, Comment, Converse

So in a nutshell, I’m describing “Social Blogging” in this post. Are you a social blogger? Or are you a factual, encyclopedia writer wanna-be? (This is the type of background I come from. 🙂 ) I hope you are social blogging, and that you’ll visit and comment here again, and again, and again.

So leave a comment. Then come connect on Facebook.


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