Travel and Language and Food

I think it’s time to talk about some passions! More than likely one of my passions is also a passion of yours. Here goes a bit about some of my passions.


I definitely like to travel! I’ve been to around 20 countries, and have honestly probably seen more of the world than I have of my home country, the United States of America. I do hope to see more of the US – some day! But for now, just seeing new places from time to time is plenty to make me damn happy to be traveling.

Now, there are downsides to travel so let me get a couple of those out of the way right off the bat. First, if you are in an airplane for more than about 6 hours, my experience is that you basically will just hate life from that point until you are at your destination. Having Nintendo systems and multiple movie and music channels built into most every seat in a plane does help. But still… When you’re on a long flight, it gets to be just way too monotonous after a while.

On the upside, I’ll still take those long flights! As long as I have enough time at my travel destination I can put up with the miserably long flight from Point A to Point B. And what is enough time? I would say having at least 6 days at a destination with a 30 hour flight to-and-from is about the minimum for me. If you’ve got 10 or 14 days at your vacation destination, then the flight halfway around the world would definitely be justified.

And if you happen to live in Los Angeles, New York City or London, it can be hard to find a destination that takes that much travel time. But if you live in Madison, Wisconsin or somewhere in Maine – just try booking flights to Singapore, The Philippines, Australia, Malaysia or Thailand. In general, you’ll be looking at a situation where you’ll want a long enough stay to justify the travel times to and fro.

Wildlife and Scenery

And why do we all want to go see some other place? What’s the upside and what justifies the expenses?

Well, photos of you in some exotic location are pretty cool! I have learned after traveling to so many countries that I’m not so devoted to seeing historical sites or museums. I like a bit of art – meaning paintings, generally. Science exhibits do interest me. And a GOOD aquarium is awesome! (See some of the smaller ones in the world before seeing a major aquarium like the one in Chicago…. It can raise your expectations levels to the point that other exhibits just don’t measure up!)

Kangaroos and wallabies in Australia? Yep – DAMN cool. Seeing 50 of them roaming free across the fields out near the Grampian mountains – VERY VERY cool. So yes, there definitely are places that are worth visiting for the wildlife, the natural scenery and such.

Language and Food

I have to say that this is my favorite reason to travel. Years ago I learned that I prefer not to live places that I don’t understand the language. And I love learning languages, though I have been a bit slack these last (Ughh! 20 years) since graduating from college. My Spanish is still really good, though I’m “processing” things more when I speak at this point. Which just means I need 1 month in a Spanish-speaking country to get back to my full fluency. I’d rate myself at 90% now. Portuguese? It never got polished up and all fluent – that one is still in the “needs some work” category.

So travel to play with languages is wonderful. And anywhere you go in the world, there is different food from what you are used to. Love that!

I spent a year studying in Madrid, and I ate much more fish that year than at any other time in my life. MUCH more. And to this day, I cannot tell you what fish I ate. Basically, they had the fish on the menu in Spanish – and I simply ordered each kind and learned roughly which ones I liked. I never did look the fish up in the dictionary, so I don’t know what they were in English.

And there is no way I can recall now what I was fed 20 years ago during that wonderful 10-month stint in Madrid and other parts of Spain. (I spent 6 or 8 weeks traveling around a couple nooks and crannies of the country on my bicycle, as well as about a week spent riding down the coast from Lisbon and over to Huelva, just over the border out of Portugal and back into Spain.)

I’ll have to write again just about the foods I can recall from various places in the world. There are places I’m visiting again, without a doubt, simply to have a certain food again. I just hope that my tastes haven’t changed too much in the 20 years between having those foods!

Be on the lookout for my next travel post. This is good stuff to reminisce about, and to plot and scheme so I can add a country or two or three to my list of countries visited.

Financing Your Travels

And all this brings up a sore topic for me. Travel isn’t cheap, though it can be done modestly. Still, there’s a sheer amount of cash required to get yourself from your current location to some vacation destination, and keep yourself and travel companions housed and fed. All the housing is an extra expense, and travel eats are generally quite a bit more expensive to local fare while you are home in your normal environs.

While I have a ways to go before I can say that my current Internet activities can finance further travels, I will get there. My current tasks are to create content constantly for a few months, and get the word out about my content. If you can pass this on to someone you know, I’d appreciate that! Send them an email, poke them on Facebook or tweet about me and my travel bug.

If you’d like to dive into creating content and promoting it for a while, and the guideline seems to be 60 to 90 or 120 days, then let me know! You can get me on Facebook, You can also click to get the story of two more guys and to view the overview video for the just-get-started blog system I am working on. Just enter your email address, then kick back and watch. But don’t hesitate to pull the trigger if the idea appeals to you.

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